Two Way Radios

CLH provide Two Way Radio hire for any event, festival or function across South West Wales. From Swansea to Haverfordwest and Pembroke to Cardiff and Monmouth. We have an extensive range of Vertex Standard 2 way radios available for short or long term hire with discounts on pricing available for longer hire periods. 

Our range of walkie talkies are VHF and UHF and not license free which means not only do we have unique frequencies which results in less chances of others being able to operate on your channels like standard PMR radios but our radios can also feature voice encryption which is key for sensitive events or functions.

Our 2 way radios also feature a powerful 5watt broadcast which over uneven or open terrain gives further communication coverage over traditional 'Walkie Talkies' that can be purchased in electrical stores. 

Benefits of 2 Way Radios

Radios provide quick, easy and more importantly FREE lines of communication between event organisers, event stewards and more importantly between lighting engineers, sound engineers and other stage crew. The other vital feature of two way radios is that they can always guarantee a signal where mobile phones sometimes cannot. 

If you need to cover large sites or across difficult terrain, we can also provide a repeater service onto our radios for an almost guarnateed coverage anywhere in South or Mid Wales. 

Walkie Talkie Hire Prices & Accessories

If you're looking to hire affordable two way radios in Swanesa, Cardiff or Pembrokeshire on your next event, contact us for an accurate pricing quotation. We can hire two way radios across South Wales, often with next day delivery.

Walkie Talkie Hire Prices for South Wales typically start at £9.50 per radio. exc delivery/collection costs.

Radio Hire Per Day

£9.50 per radio

- Discounts for Weekend Hires.

- We offer a 10% discount for registered charities and group organisations. 

Radio Hire Per Week

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Radio Hire Per Month

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Radio Accessories

All radios are available with ear pieces if required. Earpieces can be great for allowing easier hands free communications plus ensuring what is broadcast on your radios is kept away from the ears of the public. 

Radio Headsets are also available for Motorsport and sporting events where ambient background noise needs to be removed. 

Prices start at £1 per earpiece and £15 per headphones/headset. Longer term hire, accessories can be included in the radio price. 

Please take into consideration courier costs if you are looking for Radio Hire only otherwise radios will be supplied with our lighting equipment on delivery. 

CLH Radio adn Head SetVertex Standard 2 Way RadiosRadio Head Set

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